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Finance, Linux, Microsoft, Novell
2007-05-25 :: Kevin Murphy

Microsoft’s cover has been blown. These are the full details of Microsoft’s commitment to the marketing of SUSE Linux, as revealed by Novell an hour ago.

Microsoft Endorsement of SLES. The Marketing Plan will specify the following commitments of Microsoft to endorse SLES:

(i) During the *** of the Term, Microsoft will *** to its *** as the *** on Microsoft *** , and thereafter as *** of the *** ;

(ii) Microsoft will *** to its *** as a *** and will *** , including through the *** ; and

(iii) Microsoft will favorably describe the Combined Offering on Microsoft’s website and in marketing collateral created through the Marketing Plan.

So, now we know.

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Linux, Microsoft
2006-11-20 :: Kevin Murphy

Well, damn, nobody saw this coming.[/sarcasm]

Novell’s obviously terrified that it’s pissing off the Linux community by jumping so eagerly into bed with Microsoft, now that Microsoft’s going off telling anybody who’ll listen that it owns patents on bits of Linux.

Microsoft is sticking to its guns, of course. It’s not about to hand over hundreds of millions of dollars to Novell — and start reselling Linux, for chrissake — if it can’t fuck with the Linux community just a little bit. Get its money’s worth, you understand.

I can’t help but feel that Microsoft has done a total number on Novell. But at the same time I can’t believe Novell never saw this coming.

Matt Aslett is correct. Somebody should sue somebody and get this sorted out, at least before 2010.

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