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Advertising, Apple, Marketing, Microsoft
2008-09-06 :: Kevin Murphy

Microsoft really needs to stop fucking around with its advertising.

Jerry Seinfeld? This is not a Bill Gates keynote.

Whether you like it or not, when it comes to operating systems it’s still a two-horse race, and the company needs to take a page from the Republican playbook.

“Go negative early and often.”

Apple did.

Here are some suggested slogans for a new Windows ad campaign.


Grow Up. Use Windows.

Isn’t It About Time You Learned How To Use A Proper Computer?

Stop Preening.

Deep Down, You Know Your Mac Blows.

Mac OS – Face It, Even Vista’s Better Than That Gay Shit.

Windows – If You Can’t Figure Out How To Use It, We Don’t Want You Anyway.

Hey, Dude, Pretty Mac! Compensating For Something?

[Image showing Speak-N-Spell evolving into Mac evolving into Gameboy evolving into Windows PC]

It’s A Computer, Not A Pair Of Fucking Sneakers.

Mac OS – More Expensive, Does Less Shit

“If I Wear A Black Turtleneck And Grow A Fucking Goatee, Will That Shut You Up?”

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