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YouTube Comedy
2009-04-21 :: Kevin Murphy

A child performs the 80s classic “Machadaynu”, the first time anyone’s felt moved to reply to something I put on Youtube. (the original is not my work, obviously)

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YouTube Comedy
2008-11-26 :: Kevin Murphy

Today, in the ongoing tenuously linked YouTube Comedy thread, The Actor Kevin Eldon, who’s never been in anything bad, performing the well-known early 80s classic ‘Machadaynu’ as Tony Rudd, on the second, studio-based series of Look Around You.

This is the original. The 2007 Freelance Hairdresser remix is also well-worth checking out.

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YouTube Comedy
2008-11-20 :: Kevin Murphy

Tenuous comedy link of the day.

From Alexander Armstrong last time we go through Armstrong & Miller guest star Sarah Alexander to her boyfriend Peter Serafinowicz, co-creator of the hilarious Look Around You.

Here, Look Around You module 5, “Sulphur”.

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